firstly what is modern day text ? modern day text has changed the way we have communicate, conveying the way we show emotion through texting. many people would agree that talking in person is emotionally demanding where’s emojis and abbreviation, you can convey what we are trying to express without having to talk in person, showing gestures and facial expressions, for example you may use the laughing emoji to show what the other person said is funny without laughing in person or you may use an abbreviation to say something sarcastically for example lol

lets have a look at the abbreviation lol and the laughing emoji. lol used to mean lots of love but was changed into the new abbreviation laugh out loud. This was used to show that you were laughing or showed you thought something was funny but now it has changed again into it being a sarcasm use, meaning it is used to insult or ho that it is not funny. this is a good example of modern day text changing and evolving into a new, faster and adapting way to talk.

emojis used to be simplistic with the simple 🙂 they use a picture to show what you want to the reader, parents understand this, but they tend to use them too much or they don’t know what the emoji is used for in the yonger generation. For example we have a text message from oscars mum

example –

oscars mum : ?

oscars mum : ? ? ?

oscar : what do you think?

oscars mum : ?

oscars mum : ?

oscars mum : ?

oscar : Mmhmm i think it’s a great idea

from this conversation we can analyse that oscars mum is not knowing what she is doing with the emojis and is clearly using them out of contents. this is showing us that the different generations have developed a way to talk and communicate through emojis, this also show that not just oscars mum doesn’t know how to use emojis correctly.

This can also show us that the generations above are trying to incorporate this new style of texting into there more formal way of language, the oscars mum sends the vomiting emoji, she i believe is trying to say that she doesn’t like it but then goes on to add in more over using the amount of emojis a person in the younger generation would use. nowadays people use modern day texting just to type quicker and take less time so it makes it seem as though you are having a conversation with them in real time. even doing a new sentence we just beak it into chunks so you can read it as a paragraph instead of writing one out.

for example –

Me : what one

Person : on like 86 87

Person : ive been here for 30 min trying to figure it out

Person : i quite frankly pissed it just seems random

Me : thats easy

Person : kahu honestly i need this little thing

Person : everything i have wa bam slam all got by i just don’t know where to put the + and –




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  1. The strength of this is the very sophisticated analysis that you’ve offered. What needs work is some of the more basic mechanical aspects of the writing, particularly the use of capital letters at the beginnings of sentences and, in some cases, the structure of the sentences makes your ideas a little unclear.

    I recommend you make these changes as it won’t take long – and this is a very nice piece of analysis.


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