7th May 2018

act 4 scene 2

In this scene we have Lady Macduff, Rosse and Lady macduff’s son.
at the start of the scene we have Lady Macduff talking to Rosse about her husband fleeing the country to england, she doesn’t know why he has left but we can tell she is feeling heartbroken, anger and also fear in not knowing where he is.

Rosse tries to calm trying to reason with Lady Macduff that her husband would have not left without a good reason.

later on in the Scene Lady Macduff and her son talking, in this part of the scene we can tell that lady Macduff is angry and thinks of her son as a traitor in the quote

son : “My father is not dead, for all your saying”

Lady Macduff: “Yes, he is dead: how wilt tho do for a father ? ”

we can tell from this quote that she is trying to get her husband completely out of the picture and is not caring what she is saying to her son, by calling her husband to her son a traitor.

when the murderer sent by Macbeth enters he is all ready looking for Macduff however Lady Macduff gets caught in the cross fire because he taunts the murderer by calling him a shaggy haired villain and a lier. The son is then killed by the murderer out of rage.

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