in this scene we have the results of Lady Macbeths and Macbeth’s evil deeds coming to light, in this scene we have Mcduff who came to meet Duncan however when they realise that Duncan had not woken up yet. Macbeth said that he had not known why he had not woken up. this was a […]

people present : porter Macduff Lennox Macbeth   morning. In Macbeth’s castle. in this scene Macduff and Lennox came to the castle to see if the king had woken up yet, when they find out that he has not yet woken up Macduff goes to wake up the king finding him dead. once he tells […]

characters present : lady Macbeth Macbeth   in this scene we have Macbeth talking about he feels unholy or stained, he obviously regrets and we can tell this in the text ” to know my deed, ‘t were best not know myself ” from this we can tell that macbeth is not wanting to look […]

In Shakespeare’s Macbeth, act 1 scene 5, Lady Macbeth believes that she should hold the throne and is wanting to become / take on the the traits of a man. she also thinks that Macbeth is to weak kill the king even though in act 1 scene 4 Macbeth talks about his deepest desires and […]

firstly what is modern day text ? modern day text has changed the way we have communicate, conveying the way we show emotion through texting. many people would agree that talking in person is emotionally demanding where’s emojis and abbreviation, you can convey what we are trying to express without having to talk in person, […]

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