Important literary techniques that is used in the play Macbeth is the use of symbolism and personification. Shakespeare uses many different literary techniques through the play and these techniques help us understand the plays bigger meaning that is trying to be portrayed. The main ideas that Shakespeare is trying to show through the play is […]

‘ (aside) If chance will have me king, why, chance may crown me Without my stir. ‘ ‘ The prince of Cumberland! That is a stepOn which I must fall down, or else o’erleap ‘  ‘ Let not light see my black and deep desires.The eye wink at the hand, yet let that be ‘  ‘ […]

The definition of Ambition is the strong desire to do or achieve something or the desire or determination to achieve success. The idea around ambition can overwell people making them turn against their peers and friends. After analyzing the text thoroughly we can see how ambition can be the down all or uprise of people […]

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Weet-bixs Weet-bixs are a stepping stone for young growing children used doubtlessly by the New Zealand all blacks, science has shown us that in 2 weet-bixs with half a cup of milk you can gain vitamin c, calcium, iron and even vitamin A. Proving that there may be correlation between eating this cereal could provide […]

In Shakespeare’s tragedy Macbeth, the idea of sanity, security and despair is shown throughout the play. This is shown by the fleeting state of mind of Macbeth and using many different literary devices, portraying an imagery of darkness, obliviousness and death. After studying and analyzing the text from Macbeth; all characters have seen or played […]

In this scene we Lady Macbeth, Gentle woman and doctor Dunsinane somewhere in the castle Lady Macbeth has been seen roaming the castle at night by the woman that looks after her at night time. she believes that she is sleeping and that she needs help so she brings in a doctor. after she comes […]

In this scene we have Lady Macduff, Rosse and Lady macduff’s son. at the start of the scene we have Lady Macduff talking to Rosse about her husband fleeing the country to england, she doesn’t know why he has left but we can tell she is feeling heartbroken, anger and also fear in not knowing […]

in this scene we have the results of Lady Macbeths and Macbeth’s evil deeds coming to light, in this scene we have Mcduff who came to meet Duncan however when they realise that Duncan had not woken up yet. Macbeth said that he had not known why he had not woken up. this was a […]

people present : porter Macduff Lennox Macbeth   morning. In Macbeth’s castle. in this scene Macduff and Lennox came to the castle to see if the king had woken up yet, when they find out that he has not yet woken up Macduff goes to wake up the king finding him dead. once he tells […]